Sunday, August 31, 2008

Support Our Troops!

Iraq Veterans Against the War
at the Democratic National Convention

Dear IVAW Supporter,

IVAW Claims Victory in Denver and Heads to Minneapolis

Our members were in Denver on Wednesday leading a march of ten thousand to the Democratic National Convention where we delivered a message to the Obama camp in a meeting with senior campaign officials. IVAW called on the Democratic nominee to endorse the three main goals of IVAW: Immediate withdrawal, full veterans benefits, and reparations for the Iraqi people.

There was plenty of news coverage about our march and actions at the DNC, just go to our homepage to learn more. IVAW will continue to advance its goals through the strategic action of our members and the generosity of our supporters.

There is No Better Time Than Now to Support IVAW

IVAW members are now on their way to Minneapolis for the annual IVAW convention. Many will stay on in Minneapolis for the Republican National Convention. We need your support to help keep the momentum from this event going. Please make a donation to IVAW today.

Thank you for your continued support,

Kelly Dougherty

Former Sergeant, Army National Guard


Spadoman said...

I had the extreme honor to march side-by-side with members of the IVAW at the March for Peace on the RNC on September 1st. It is great to see these brave courageous men and women stand up for what they believe is the right thing to do, protest and bring an end to an illegal and immoral war.

There's trouble in river city, trouble with a capital T, but the Veterans for Peace, IVAW and VVAW did not get arrested but rather marched peacefully under a code of non violence.

I hope I was marching for my brothers in the API. One Sister member,Kitchen Window Woman, couldn't be at the march itself, but I know I was marching for her.

Peace to All

deuddersun said...

Brother, you always represent this member, thank you!