Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some Sow, Some Reap

Unfortunately, the “sowers” are not the “reapers” in this case.

In a different lifetime, I was the supervisor, Recruiter-in-Charge (R-in-C), 0f a four man recruiting office in a midwest town of about 20,000 people with a recruiting area of three counties. We had a “goal” of about fourteen contracts a month with an occasional dip to thirteen. Through an abundance of hard work and long hours we shipped about 145% of our goal. In other words, we were pretty good and we all ended up with at least one promotion because of it.

But it took an immense toll on our family life. One divorce (not me) and one 14 year old daughter pregnant.

The pressure, unbelievable. Actually the pressure is well beyond unbelievable. The pressure is there every waking moment. Saturdays, Sundays, when eating, when engaged in any activity. And, even though we were very successful, only one month in the three years I was a recruiter, did we make our goal before the last working day of the month.

And, none of us had come directly from a combat zone where people were actively trying to kill us.

I understand the pressure. What is unconsionable is the lack of caring for the troops by the commanding officer.

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Lisa Allender said...

I'm flattered that you came by my blog.
Your posts are very interesting, and I hope you know how much I wish great success for our troops. As a Peace activist, I also hope and pray we don't have to remain always in a state of war. Thank you for you and your family's sacrifices, always.
And drop in to visit again, soon!