Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hypocrite in Chief - NOT

Reminiscent of Kiplings poem Tommy (which can be found here), we have the Republican nominee trying to balance the budget on the backs of the veterans, the very people he supposedly understands.

From a post at Blue Girl In A Red State comes this

Blue Wren, a blogging buddy and a female veteran who served in the Air Force during peacetime, writes:

John McCain, a Vietnam war veteran and POW who has supported Bush Administration cuts in VA health care funding and service for veterans in the past, has a new bright idea about how to save America money.

"Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s call to "concentrate veterans’ health care on those with combat injuries" is raising questions about the Arizona senator’s commitment to funding the ailing VA system."

Rep. Bob Filner, D-Calif., said a system that treats combat veterans and non-combat veterans differently is inherently unfair. “We can care for both combat veterans and non-combat veterans if we just decide it is an important thing to do,” Filner said Thursday, one day after McCain talked at a Dover, N.H., town hall meeting about the need to concentrate veterans’ health care on people with injuries that 'are a direct result of combat.'"

It's infuriating that people like Bush and McCain would even consider trying to economize by refusing or delaying health care to veterans who've served their country honorably and in good faith while at the same time spending billions on a war that was started through dishonesty, hubris and greed.

Count me in among those who responded to this news with an emphatic "You've got to be shitting me."

Read the rest of Blue Wren's post, McCain would ration VA medical care. Make sure you read the comments, too.

McCain touts himself as a support the troops person, visit the troops, photo ops shaking hands with the troops but in his left hand is the knife with which he is stabbing the troops in the back.

McCain has turned into a lying, sniveling coward who will do anything, say anything in his pathetic attempt to win the general election in November.

As a retired career member of the U.S. Navy, I would much rather serve under an honest person who never wore the uniform, such as Senator Obama, than a boot licking appeaser like Senator McCain.

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THE Michael said...

McCain has amply demonstrated his wishy-washy lack of honor by his asinine criticisms of Obama and his own outright betrayal of his own priniciples in order to gain party favor. I would NOT trust that man in MY foxhole.

Bush couldn't help it. He's stupid. McCain doesn't have that excuse.

deuddersun said...

Good post, Chief. Going to check out the links now.


deuddersun said...

Just got back. Invited the vets there to check us out and see if they would be interested in joining.

I would like to schedule a chat at anywhichway soon, to discuss API business. Scroff has a number of chatrroms set up and one, the E-Club is for us. Let me know what you think.


CAFKIA said...

Has he turned into that which you describe or, is he simply choosing to now reveal his true colors. I actually hope your description is the apt one. I hope that at one time he was an honorable man and it is simple greed and lust for power that has twisted him. Gawd forbid that he defiled a uniform with that attitude.