Monday, July 28, 2008

Scumbag, Draft Dodger, VEEP

Thanks to Kathy at CFLF for posting on this piece of special interest to veterans. Seems as if the guy who was too busy making babies to join the military has a draconian set of rules an organization must meet if they want him to speak to them.

Well, one organization, the Disabled American Veterans, have told VP Cheney to take a hike and do not bother to come to their convention in Las Vegas in August.

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THE Michael said...

First I want to hand him his walking papers. Then I want to have him indicted for every crime against the constitution he and his neo-cons committed. Then, I want him left alone in a room with a vet from every conflict we've had. Who knows, they might let him live.

George, I just want him to walk across America wearing a dunce-cap and a sign saying, "I'm sorry".