Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Golden Anniversary

Most people probably would not give this a second thought, but today is a B-I-G day, a very memorable day for the Ol’ Chief.

7 Oct 1958

Fifty years ago today, I left home for the first, and last, time to go into a somewhat wider world than Hanover, Massachusetts to seek my fortune. That I was far more successful than anyone could have imagined cannot be argued. That I have not made my first million yet is also true.

Yet how many people can say they were responsible for the maintenance of all United States communication equipment for a whole continent? The above picture was taken at the South Pole a long time ago.

So we mark this day, and we celebrate this occasion, in a quiet, peaceful way that befits a senior citizen who has accomplished much and is enjoying his “golden” years.


Kitchen Window Woman said...

What a lovely reflection. The are times that we all remember in our lives when we left one thing to begin another or when we experienced profound change. You traveled far, shouldered tremendous responsibility, and went on to accomplish even more in your life. Congratulations on a life well lived. I hope that your quiet, peaceful celebration was golden indeed.

deuddersun said...

Congratulations Chief! I second our Sister's sentiments!

Uh...what are those whirly thiings on the wings of your jet?