Saturday, October 18, 2008

Veterans Beaten at Presidential Debate

Nick Morgan, a former Army Sergeant was trampled, knocked out, and had his face crushed by the hoof of a horse.

On October 15th, the third Presidential debate was held at Hofstra University in New York. A group of Veterans from the peace activist group Iraq Veterans Against the War, or IVAW, assembled peacefully and asked to deliver questions for the candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama, about Veterans issues.

Ten members of IVAW were arrested with one Veteran trampled by a police department horse. His cheek bone was crushed and he required stitches on his face. You can read the Whole Story right here. It is complete with pictures. Some of these photos are graphic and there is blood so be aware of that.

Please read the whole article. It seems that these Veterans are saying that they assembled in a peaceful manner. They claim the injured protester was not given any medical attention until it was demanded by the other Veterans in their midst. They go on to claim the police harassed the injured Veteran while chaining him to a bench at police headquarters.

I am a member of Veterans For Peace. I attended the annual convention and met many IVAW members. Their mantra and behavior during RNC was stellar as far as practising peace was concerned. When conventional methods of trying to negotiate through proper channels is ignored, the protest march and requests in person might be one of the only avenues left. Men and women in uniform, attesting that they are indeed Veterans and want to peacefully assemble and ask questions of our future leaders, need not be attacked and thwarted without cause by authorities.

We have come to a time when the people we are to trust need to protect themselves with heavily armed guards, some who are private contractors such as Blackwater, just to stand and tell us how good and trustworthy they are.

The article published phone numbers of the appropriate department heads to complain, ask questions of or just put your two cents worth in about such treatment of peaceful Veteran protesters wanting issues pertaining to all Veterans to be heard. I urge anyone concerned to call and voice your concern.

While you're at it, the RNC 8, the group of people arrested under the Patriot Act and charged with "suspicion to commit terrorism" could use a few letters and phone calls as well. My friend, who was arrested during the RNC is not one of the RNC 8, but he did get arrested and detained. He was released but had to wait a ridiculous amount of time for his personal belongings. Here is is, in a strange town, without money, credit card, cell phone, transportation or clean clothes, waiting for the bumbling farce of a police force to process him, only to find out that now, a month and a half after the event, his case is still pending charges. All the while, the City of Saint Paul raking in the 50 million dollar "fee" to hold the Republican Convention in a city where no Republican wanted to be. That's another rant and I may have made that one already previously.

I have bowed out of the politics thing. It is obscene to me. The money being spent to attack another candidate. These politicians are no better than the government as far as spending, no, wasting, millions of dollars to get elected. I am voting for the lessor of two evils. I think that my vote will end the current regime in Washington if the candidate I choose wins. But both are serving the interests of big money contributors and special interests.

The bottom line for me here is to call attention to the fact that there are many issues on the table during this presidential election. The issues for Veterans returning from this illegal and immoral war are as real as they get. When the police attack and beat back people, Veterans, who simply want to deliver a message, in this case questions of concern about Veterans issues, those law enforcement entities are the problem and stand for what America has become. It is no less a police state than what Americans were told about East Germany and the USSR during the cold war.

In my opinion, since there has been no report by either the McCain or the Obama campaign intervening on the behalf of these Veterans proves they are out of touch and not worth a pile of shit, either of them.

Sometimes I truly believe we shouldn't vote, as it just encourages them to think that we really want them as leaders. Most of the time, we are voting so the more evil of the two gets elected. The "real" candidates are lost and forgotten. The good messages and strong support towards a real sense of peace and justice for all people is forgotten. We are told that a vote for and other party is a lost vote and will surely allow the other candidate to win. All we really want is a balance of the issues that are unfair to be shifted either to the right or left so as to bring peace and real justice to all Americans and to the citizens of the Sacred Earth Mother that this country has forsaken with their bombs, money, one-sided self-righteous foreign policy and arrogance.

By the way, I got my absentee ballot in the mail and there are no less than nine candidates for President. The choices are there, but our bought and paid for media mentions none of this. We are suppose to be represented, but only the high rollers are mentioned. The Republicans and the Democrats.

Seems the Green, Libertarian, Socialist Party USA, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Independent, Constitution and We The People parties don't exist in the news, but have candidates on the official sanctioned ballot.

Please make your calls about these Veterans. And when you're done there, read THIS ARTICLE.

This article also appears at Round Circle


deuddersun said...

Jesus Christ! Maybe peace isn't always the answer...

Maybe it's time to fight back for real...

We have the training. All we lack is the will.

I think I'll attend the next event. If they want a fight, they'll get one.


Spadoman said...

I tend to agree with you on some level. During the American war in Vietnam, the protesters ended up giving blood in the streets. The 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, Watts in LA, four dead in Ohio at Kent State. It wasn't until this type of stuff happened on our own soil and the people came out in numbers so great they couldn't be ignored that the tide shifted and they ended the war.

But on another level, even though I kill these assholes in my mind with the anger that wells up inside of me from the war induced PTSD, I shy away from confrontation. I shy away becuase I can't trust the wrped mind of a Warrior that knows what is right and as you say, I have the skills and training and know how to handle myself on a battlefield. In fact, life is a battlefield every day and in every circumstance for Veteran that suffers from the residuals of war via PTSD.

Peace brother, and remember, if someone starts it, I'll be there, popping nitroglycerin and waiting for the call at the gates of Valhalla.

deuddersun said...

...if someone starts it, I'll be there, popping nitroglycerin and waiting for the call at the gates of Valhalla.

I know you will Brother and I can't think of anyone I'd rather have at my side.

We shall see...