Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Erosion of Benefits

I know that most folks that visit The American Patriot Institute did not stay in the military long enough to retire. And folks, that's fine. The military is not for everyone. But I did. Retire that is, from the United States Navy after serving 21 years, going where ever I was sent, protecting that old parchment (U.S. Constitution) from enemies, foreign and domestic.

And when I retired Uncle Sam promised me a whole bunch of benefits for my faithful and loyal service and for all my sacrifices (like lower wages). Well, quite a few Presidents have been screwing around with reducing those benefits, especially the last two, Clinton and George "I Support Screwing The Troops" Bush.

Here is a link that lays out some of the more egregious broken promises to us retirees.
If you've been in the military, call your reps in Congress and tell them that you don't like broken promises. For those of you that have not served in the military, you can call your reps in Congress, too. Give 'em an earful.

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deuddersun said...

Good link Chief. With some eye-opening info. All of us need to take action on this. I wonder how many young men and women would consider a career in the Armed Forces if they knew what lay ahead fror them.