Thursday, April 17, 2008

More About Patriots and Patriotism

I came across this article about John McCain, the perceived Republican nominee for President. It is from Alternet.

Here is the URL:

I feel that there is nothing more honorable and patriotic than to serve your family, community and country. The benefits given to returning Veterans are miniscule when compared to the benefits received working at most wage earner occupations. This article explains McCain's position against a new GI Bill that pretty much gives the Veteran a fighting chance to have a decent life, at least financially, because we know that chances are they will be all screwed up from the PTSD that occurs in many returning Veterans.

Patriotic? Serving in the armed forces with a promise of a little money for higher education and being told by a person who could become the next Commander in Chief that he'd rather you stay in the military to fight the war he's resolved to be involved in for the next hundred years instead of letting you go to college and have a civilian life.

Peace to All.

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deuddersun said...

Yeah, Bro, that's exactly what makes it patriotic. The fact that a person is willing to kill or die for others, for no reward other than what you feel in your heart, that is Patriotic.

What is criminal? Using that feeling for personal gain. Abusing the men and women who put on the uniform to protect and defend. Making a mockery of the Oath we all swore. That is criminal.

Putting a yellow magnetic ribbon on your car...not patriotic.

Supporting a war monger President with a personal agenda...not Patriotic.

Taking advantage of those less fortunate than you...not Patriotic.

Using those who swore to defend the Constitution for reasons other than the defense of the innocent...not Patriotic.

Being the kind of person who defends the weak and protects the innocent, of all races, creeds and national origins, that is not only Patriotic, but uniquely American.

Let us hold ourselves to the highest standards set down by the Founding Fathers.

Let us be the true American Patriots.