Saturday, April 26, 2008

'Support the troops!' Yeah, right. Again...

Hi. My name is Gordon and I'm proud to be hyar. Be gentle, this is my first time...

From Attackerman:

“America has three-quarters of a billion dollars to spend on the embassy in Baghdad, but our troops have to live like this.”

In my service days, I lived variously in Quonset huts, WWII-vintage two-story brick barracks, six-man pyramidal tents, snap-together shelter-half pup tents, old ships and new ships, and occasionally in godforsaken swampy, rainy places with no roof and a long walk to plumbing, and I never once saw anything like that.

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deuddersun said...

How in the hell did any military facility in the US ever get in this condition? How is this even possible? How can anyone expect soldiers to live in squalor like this?

Maybe it's just a subtle way to get them to want to go back to Afghanistan or Iraq.

Perhaps if George Bush's daughter had to take her honeymoon here, things could be improved a bit.

This is why organizations like IVAW and VoteVets is so important. They have seen this firsthand and are working hard to correct it.


deuddersun said...

I may be able to provide a partial solution, but it will require some effort.

See 'Support The Troops!' - Part 2. Posted after this.